1. Flav starts with 100% Organic lab-tested cannabis that is certified to be of the highest quality grown. To produce the industry’s purest and most potent CDB oil, we use only the highest quality plants grown without pesticides, artificial fertilizers, or other chemicals.

2. Our CBD oil is broad spectrum CBD oil. That means it contains all of the cannabinoid oils and terpenes that provide medicinal benefits including:
● CBD – Cannabidiol
● CBG – Cannabigerol
● CBN -Cannabinol
● Terpenes – Essential oils with medicinal properties

3. How we extract our CBD oil

Flav uses CO2 extraction, the most expensive extraction process used. We use CO2 extraction because it produces the most pure and potent CBD oil. The process super-cools and pressurizes CO2 to form a supercritical liquid that works as a powerful solvent. That solvent enables us to extract all the wanted cannabinoid compounds and oils. All unwanted compounds are left behind.

After extraction, the CO2 and CBD oils are allowed to return to room pressure and temperature. That causes the CO2 to evaporate, which leaves behind pure CBD isolate and it’s other medicinally effective compounds.

4. Pure CBD isolate starts out as a crystal. That pure CBD isolate is then formulated by our licensed professional pharmacists into Flav’s high quality CBD products. We use only the highest quality glycerin and organic hemp oil to formulate our products

5. Throughout the manufacturing process, and after the products are finished, they are tested by our certified testing lab to assure purity, potency, and quality.

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