CBD Raspberry Chocolate Bars 100mg

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Creamy, delicious white chocolate and raspberry for a sweet and mouthwatering treat. Made from only the finest ingredients, Flav CBD Chocolate Bars are as delicious as they are beneficial. Available in 12 scrumptious flavors.

10mg CBD per snap-away piece (100mg CBD total) for easy, controllable dosing.


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2 reviews for CBD Raspberry Chocolate Bars 100mg

  1. pierceb192

    Finally, medicine that’s completely indistinguishable from candy. I had grown tired of edibles that had overpowering tastes and effects. These are extremely easy to dose, taste just like normal chocolate and really work. If you want the best CBD chocolate, look no further.

  2. washingtonken43

    These are the mintiest, tastiest CBD bars available. I would’ve never thought that something that tastes so good could have so many health benefits. If you want to unlock all the medicinal properties of CBD then this is by far the most pleasant way to do so.

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